David Panos

Active Marker (Work In Progress)

work in progress

I’ve been experimenting with processes that put improvising bodies into a productive relation to the abstraction of digital capture – looking to produce work that is neither a familiar/realist/humanist depiction of ‘dance’ on film, nor a CGI/digital animation using motion capture or character rigging (with all the post-human/accelerationist/hyper-alienated connotations that come with that aesthetic).

This new work uses digital capture processes as choreographic motivations – performers improvise movements in anticipation of digital mediation (thinking of their bodies as potential elements in compositing). This process yields new gestural/choreographic possibilities that I’m currently working through.

Next stage is to replace my digital camera – DSLRs that are basically ‘retro’ gear that aims to replicate old film/cinema aesthetic. I’ve started working with 3D moving image scanners.